Benefits of Registration

Thank you for your interest in registering as a "Producer" with the GFFMA.  With your annually paid membership you get all of the benefits of belonging to North America's premier industry association supporting the Gluten-Free products marketplace.  One important benefit of your membership is being able to use the GFFMA logo on your packaged products to tell everybody that your products meet or exceed relevant regulatory standards and generally accepted good industry practices.  You will also have unlimited access to the GFFMA producer support services.  Please refer to the complete description of membership benefits under the Registration, About Registration link (above).   NOTE:  To help secure your organizations data, your GFFMA Member Number is assigned by our system and cannot be changed.

Producer Registration Form



 Please complete the Producer Registration Form at the left.  You must enter value(s) for every field marked with an asterix (*).  With text fields enter only a single line of text.  For drop-down menus you may select only ONE choice, choose the one that most closely its your organization.  The check-box fields allow you to select as many boxes as needed to describe your organizations attributes but you must select at least one check box from each group.

IMPORTANT-- Do NOT complete the credit card charge form until AFTER you have submitted the registration form and the "GFFMA Membership Number" displayed along with your organization's name, city, state, and country. 

When your credit card charge is approved your member account will be activated and we will send you an Email with our new user name and password.

Charge Payment: $350.00