GFFMA Opportunities

Available opportunities with the GFFMA are open without regard to age, race, sex, religion, national or ethnic background.  However, we take our nation's immigration laws seriously and will only consider those who are US Citizens and properly documented perminant resident alians.  We do not sponsor H1 visa applications and do not have any opportunities suitable for those here on student visa's (e.g. internships). Where allowed by law we offer preference to US military veterans and persons with physical handicaps.

Employment Opportunities

We do not have any currently open positions.  However, we are always happy to review your credentials and keep them in our portfolio of potential new team members.  When we have openings, we always consult that portfolio before using any other recruitment approahces.  We are particularly interested in people skilled in these disciplines:

  • Regulatory Affairs
  • Marketing
  • Technical Writing
  • Web Development
  • Business Process Automation

Forward resume's to 

Investment Opportunities

We are a "Subchapter S" corporation so for tax purposes our investors are treated as general partners in a partnership.  Also, our investors are an important part of our management team and are expected to routinely participate in our operations.  We are not currently looking to add additional investor/participants at this time.  However, if you are interested in opening a dialog for future consideration please contact

Commercial Partnerships

Small business, especially those engaged in niche markets, tend to do best in a highly collaborative environment.  We therefore actively look for new commercial partners where we may share knowledge, expertise, and technologies.  The gluten-free market ecosystem includes entities spanning many industries and economic sectors.  We are particulary interested in expanding our access to expertise in:

  • precision agriculture,
  • organic agriculture,
  • food, beverage, and personal care production,
  • logistics,
  • product liability, 
  • labor relations,

To start a dialogue, please contact: