Our Mission-- Nurturing the Gluten-Free Lifestyle Marketplace

The Gluten Free Food Manufactures Association (GFFMA) is an association of North American industry participants dedicated to promoting the long term stability, integrity, and growth of the Gluten-Free Products marketplace. The Association pursues its goals through a marketplace nurturing process  combining member collaboration, educational programs, publicity, industry events, government and industry relations, and on-line materials for both the trade and consumer. 


Central to the success of any marketplace is effective collaboration between members. This does not mean “price fixing” or “collusion” -- but it does mean that a market is best served when its members freely share non-proprietary knowledge, work together in attaining common goals, and combine their resources to defend against unfair barriers or predatory practices by “outsiders”.

Healthy competition between market participants is essential to their combined success. Friends will aggressively compete in a game of racquetball and doing so they get the most benefit by playing at their best—they learn from each other, but they remain friends. Competitors in a fair and open market can, and must, aggressively compete for the long-term health of their businesses, but they must also remain friends, sharing knowledge, opportunities, and collaborating in defending the integrity of their chosen market.

The GFFMA is a place where this healthy collaboration takes place. We are a clearing house for non-proprietary knowledge, place where member contributed resources are pooled to create a level playing field where all participants, regardless of size or bankroll, my join the game and prosper.


Sir Francis Bacon has taught us “Knowledge is power…” and in our chosen gluten-free products market that knowledge comes to us through education. The GFFMA is a key educator vis-s-vis the gluten-free lifestyle and the manufacture, marketing, distribution, and use/consumption of its products.

In this web site you will find an ever-expanding library of relevant, timely, accurate, and in some cases, exclusive market knowledge. As the organization matures the sites knowledge base will expand in the areas of: primary production, processing, packaging, regulatory compliance, logistics, marketing, international affairs, and consumer education.

But we are most interested in the quality of the knowledge provided rather than simply its quantity. If it is found on the GFFMA web site it is fact-based knowledge that has been vetted by our editorial staff. We weed-out the pseudo-science and unsubstantiated opinions or claims. When we do find an error, it is corrected—quickly. One of our organizational objectives is to become the most respected and widely references sources of knowledge for the Gluten-free Products Community—globally.

Market Development

We are learning that many contemporary agricultural methods and practices are, unwittingly, working to expand the market for Gluten-free products. Further, as the medical community learns more about the science of allergies it is driving awareness of gluten sensitivity.

Today our marketplace is large and tomorrow it will be larger still. Not just because the population is expanding, but because the population is becoming increasingly aware of the need to manage gluten exposure.

One of our primary objectives as a trade association is to drive, to accelerate, and to help manage the development and expansion of the marketplace. Our educational endeavors will be a contributor to this but we will also use other methods such as: national and regional trade and consumer shows, local product demonstrations, and eventually produce streaming content such as cooking shows and demonstrators to foster understanding of the need for the gluten-free or gluten-reduced products.