Credit Card Policy

1. GFFMA accepts Visa, Mastercard, American Express and Discover branded credit or debit cards for payment for goods and services.

2. GFFMA uses as its payment card processing service.

3. GFFMA does not retain any credit card or other personally identifiable financial information on our web server or on any other storage media under our control.

4. When you enter credit card data onto a charge form presented by GFFMA you are completing information for a Java Script running on your own computer. That script contacts the payment card processor directly, provides the charge data, and is given a one-time use nonce (token). The nonce is then uploaded to a GFFMA server and the transaction is completed. There is no way to retrieve your credit card information from the nonce.

5. GFFMA does not retain your credit card data for future use. You must enter the card data for every new transaction.

6. Only the following information will be requested during a card transaction, if you are asked for any additional information then you are not actually communicating with GFFMA.

6.1. Your first and last name as it appears on the card.

6.2. The credit card number.

6.3. The three or four digit card security code.

6.4. Your billing postal code.

7. If you are ever asked for any financial or personally identifiable information during a cred card transaction other than the four items listed in section 6 (above) you should immediately discontinue the web browser session. Afterwards, please contact GFFMA at to report the incident. GFFMA will then report the incident to appropriate state and/or federal authorities.