Registration Benefits

By registering as a “consumer” you will be rewarded with access to far more information than is available to “guests” on the GFFMAs official web site. We do this because your registration information, even though it contains no personally identifiable information beyond your email address, has value. Market demographic information is a prime driver in how producers make product diversity and availability decisions.

As a registered consumer you will (if you opt-in) receive periodic newsletters (monthly and quarterly) with exclusive offers and coupons only available to registered consumers. Additionally, you will have access to an expanded range of information on our web site—information that will make your participation in the Gluten-free or Gluten-reduced lifestyle easier and more enjoyable.

Consumer Registration Form



Please provide all of the requested information. Items marked with an ‘*’ are required and the submittal page will not be processed without it. Drop-down items allow a single selection while check box items allow multiple selection.

Your email address will be used as your “user name” and the contents of the “desired password” box will be used for your password. Please note that we DO NOT store the actual password. Instead, it is processed into something called a “hash” and it is the hash that we store. It is impossible to reconstruct the original password from the hash (it is a unidirectional conversion) so if you forget the password we can give you a new one, but cannot tell you what the old one was.

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