Consumer Registration

Your registration as a “consumer” helps the gluten-free community by providing fundamental market knowledge (demographics) without revealing any personally identifiable information (beyond your email address). This information is shared with our “provider” membership as market analysis reports which they use to improve the diversity and suitability of new products available to you.

We reward your registration by making much more of the information contained in our site available to registered members. Also, as a registered consumer you will be available for exclusive offers, coupons, etc., that guest visitors are not presented with.

We also understand that unsolicited communications are generally also unwelcomed. Our policy is to NOT share your contact information with our “producer” members. Instead, when they want to provide direct offers (as opposed to ones you encounter browsing the site) they will be put in our regular newsletter that you can “opt-in” to receive.

Producer Registration

We understand that nobody needs to belong to a trade or professional association. Yet you likely already belong to at least one and possibly more. Trade and professional associations are highly valuable sources for specialized domain knowledge and networking opportunities that you then use to create new opportunities and revenue.

The GFFMA is a new trade (industry) association providing unique penetration into the specialized gluten-free products community. Studies have shown that nearly five percent (5%) of the North American population has some degree of gluten sensitivity representing a necessity-driven market of about 28.4 million people (excluding Cuba’s of 575 thousand). Add to this an additional 5% who embrace a gluten-free (or reduced-gluten) lifestyle for other reasons and the community is a current market of almost 57 million consumers.

The GFFMA is an economical way to develop a solid presence in this expanding market. Additionally, members have unrestricted access to business and technical publications to help you gain market, improve quality, reduce costs, and become more profitable.

Regulator Registration